Historical flags of The Sun Republic

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Concept Created for/when Flag
Flag "Alpha" The first flag ever used by a political entity operating as The Sun Republic. AlphaFlagSun.png
Crown flag A proposed flag using a strong offset gold symbol, with the new sandy color of The Sun Republic. CrownSunRepublic.png
Sun Republic Flag The first official flag used by the Sun Republic, sometimes referred to as the "gold and red" standard. (ribbon bar).PNG
Wider form national flag test While not an official flag, it's design and liked longer format was quickly accepted by some politicians. (ribbon bar).PNG
Long Format Union Flag Current implemented flag used by The Sun Republic. After a small creation competition, the Long Format Union Flag, nicknamed "Jack Standard" after it's creator, was voted on by congress—and won by a comfortable majority—and was implemented. Justiceeaglesunrep.png