The Statecraft Association

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Statecraft Association
Organisation for micronationalists
Logo of the Statecraft Association.png
Logo (note: proposed)

Platform Skype

Official language English

Membership 10 members

Chairman of G.C. TODO
General Council TODO

– Foundation 15 June 2019

The Statecraft Association, abbreviated to Statecraft, is a young organisation founded on 15 June 2019 that aims to support the development of the micronational community and micronationalism as a whole. Statecraft is distinguished from the majority of micronational organisations by having individuals, rather than nations, as members, and it exists outside the sphere of micronational politics and diplomacy to advance micronationalism as a hobby, art and science. The main body of Statecraft is the Collaborative Assembly, which is defined by the Association's guidance document as "not a legislative organ so much as a discussion and work group", and the organisation is led by the General Council, which has responsibility for strategic direction and appoints one of its members to serve as chairman and take responsibility for administration.