Supreme Potentate of Yurtyzstan

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The Supreme Potentate was the head of state and government of the Democratic People's Republic of Yurtyzstan, leading the executive branch of the government. The Articles of Sovereignty, the former Yurtyzstani constitution, gave the Supreme Potentate the power to manage all affairs and duties of the state and government which it did not choose to assign to subordinates. The second-in-command of the state and government was the Despot.

The only person ever to hold the office of Supreme Potentate is J.J. Hakimoto, founder and dictator of Yurtyzstan. He established and awarded to himself the office on September 22, 2010, the date of Yurtyzstani independence, and held office until the abolition of the post on May 6, 2011. Six days earlier, Hakimoto had won Yurtyzstan's first election, the first and only time that Supreme Potentate was an elected position. His Despot was Felix Yurtzhinsky until June 13, 2011, and Oon Em Pyo Iid from then until May 6, 2011.

The Yurtyzstani government created the Supreme Potentate Medal to award successful and popular holders of the office. It has been awarded to J.J. Hakimoto, and unless the criteria for the award is changed, he will be the only person ever to hold the decoration.