Commissions of Yurtyzstan

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The National Defence Commission of Yurtyzstan oversees the various commissions underneath it, all established by current Chairman of the National Defence Commission J.J. Hakimoto.

Foreign Affairs Commission

The Foreign Affairs Commission manages the foreign affairs of Yurtyzstan. It led a push to establish relations with multiple nations in 2011, and successfully established diplomatic relations with Ultamiya, Freedomia, Starland and Grunkia. Regretting having engaged in diplomacy with relatively new and inexperienced nations, the Foreign Affairs Commission severed ties with these nations and made Yurtyzstan a Republic of the Nemkhav Federation. The current Chairman is J.J. Hakimoto.

Language Commission

The Language Commission is currently in the process of developing the Yurtyzstani language. Its current Chairman is J.J. Hakimoto.

<<Inminkoi>> Propaganda Commission

The Propaganda Commission, also named <<Inminkoi>> (Yurtyzstani for "people's voice"), controls the Yurtyzstani media. Domestically, it distributes a printed newspaper, the Radong Shimbun ("labor journal"), and also maintains the New Light of Yurtyzstan news website and YurtyzstanTV international television service. The current Chairman is Oon Em Pyo Iid.

Construction and Infrastructure Commission