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—  Winter Capital  —
Clockwise, from top left: an iconic image of an average pre-war yurt, destruction on March 17, 2011 following the 1st Invasion of Yurtpyitaw, the lecture hall at YUST, and Avenue of the Heroic People's Army.
Country Yurtyzstanflag.jpg Yurtyzstan
Khanate Yurtpyitaw
Founded September 1, 2010
Time zone Yurtyzstani Time

Yurtpyitaw is the winter capital of Yurtyzstan. Founded on September 1, 2010 as Yurt Clearing, it was the site of the Yurtyzstani Revolution and the nation's first capital. It was sacked repeatedly in the Yurtyzstan-Longhouse War, and the capital was evacuated and abandoned as a result. At the end of 2011, the capital was moved back to Yurtpyitaw for the winter, and the city has been slowly rebuilt.


Yurtpyitaw was founded on September 1, 2010 as Yurt Clearing. It was the base for revolutionaries working to establish a sovereign state comprising the surrounding forest. J.J. Hakimoto, a leading revolutionary figure, addressed mass rallies twice at Yurt Clearing. Following the September 22 declaration of independence, the city fell into disrepair as the nation became inactive.

In February 2011, Hakimoto named the city Yurtpyitaw and declared it to be Yurtyzstan's capital. For several weeks, the government's prime focus was on the development of the city, and it soon became a symbol of Yurtyzstani success.

Yurtpyitaw was destroyed as a result of multiple invasions during the Yurtyzstan-Longhouse War, and was sieged by the Longhouse Kingdom for 21 days. The city was not immediately rebuilt but abandoned; the capital was moved to Frontier Town, and citizens were forbidden from entering the city.

Towards the end of 2011, as the government began to work for economic recovery and increased activity following the crisis of the preceding summer, Yurtpyitaw slowly began to recover and was made the winter capital. The nation's first institute of higher learning, the Yurtpyitaw University of Science and Technology, was established there.



Notable landmarks in Yurtpyitaw include:

  • Yurtpyitaw University of Science and Technology
  • Yurtpyitaw Grand Theatre
  • Yurt Clearing Square


A series of dirt roads traverse Yurtpyitaw. Most Yurtpyitawites do not own a form of personal transportation; as a result, the Yurtyzstan Public Transit System is widely used.


There are two entrances to the city, both of which have customs stations; all travel into and out of Yurtpyitaw requires a government permit. Only top Yurtyzstani Workers' Party bureaucrats are allowed to live in Yurtpyitaw.