Supreme People's Assembly of Yurtyzstan

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Supreme People's Assembly of Yurtyzstan
인민리 지희최고
Inminri Jihuichoigo
2nd Supreme People's Assembly
TypeUnicameral legislature
Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme People's AssemblyJ.J. Hakimoto, Yurtyzstani Workers' Party
Vice-Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme People's AssemblyOon Em Pyo Iid, Yurtyzstani Workers' Party
Members5 MPs
2nd Yurtyzstani SPA.jpg
Political groups     Yurtyzstani Workers' Party
     Impoverished Yurtyzstanis' Front
Last electionDecember 3, 2012
Meeting place
Casayurta Convention Centre

The Supreme People's Assembly is the unicameral parliament of the Democratic People's Republic of Yurtyzstan. It consists of five deputies elected to six-month terms.

Although the Supreme People's Assembly is Yurtyzstans's primary legislative body, it ordinarily delegates authority to the smaller and more powerful Presidium, chosen from among its members.

Elections and membership

The Supreme People's Assembly comprises five legislators, two of which sit on the Presidium. The members of the Presidium, a Chairman and Vice-Chairman, are directly elected in competitive multi-party elections. The Presidium then selects the other three MPs from as many parties which received votes as possible.


The Supreme People's Assembly was established on May 1, 2011, following Yurtyzstan's first elections. The 1st Supreme People's Assembly comprised five Yurtyzstani Workers' Party members, as the elections were single-party and non-competitive. On May 6, J.J. Hakimoto, Chairman of the Presidium, dissolved the Supreme People's Assembly and assumed dictatorial control of Yurtyzstan.

The December 3, 2012 elections, the first multi-party elections in Yurtyzstan's history, re-established the Supreme People's Assembly. The 2nd Supreme People's Assembly comprised two YWP legislators, two Social Democratic Party legislators, and one Impoverished Yurtyzstanis' Front legislator, with J.J. Hakimoto as Chairman of the Presidium.

On January 4, 2012, the SDP dissolved into the YWP, leaving the 2nd Supreme People's Assembly with a 4-1 YWP majority.


According to the Constitution of Yurtyzstan, the Supreme People's Assembly is the sole legislative body of Yurtyzstan, drafting all legislation. Legislation is drafted and voted on by the general assembly, then approved or vetoed by the Presidium. Presidium vetoes can be overridden by the reintroduction and passing of the legislation a second time. The National Defence Commission may then approve or veto a legislation; NDC vetoes cannot be overturned.

The Central Committee of the Yurtyzstani Workers' Party drafts most legislation; as such, the Supreme People's Assembly essentially serves as a rubber stamp for YWP decisions.

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