State agencies of the Cascadian Republic

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The Government of the Republic of Cascadia is served by eleven state agencies, comprised of ten Ministries and one government commission. Each agency is tasked with their own responsibilities. The heads of each agency also comprise the Presidential cabinet. The cabinet is overseen by the Prime Minister and is headed by the President themselves. The current Prime Minister of the Republic of Cascadia is Tater the Cat and the current President is Cookie the Cat.

Ministry of State Affairs

Current Minister of State Affairs: Amy Smith

The Ministry of State Affairs of the government of Cascadia is tasked with the responsibility of domestic and foreign affairs. It oversees the legalization of official documents, certifications, and enforcement of Cascadian law as passed by the National Assembly. It is also tasked with overseeing embassies and maintenance of relations with other nations.

Ministry of Defense

Current Minister of Defense: Poblachtmarshal Twylie the Cat

The Ministry of Defense is the national security, defense, and military command agency responsible for the nation's defense. It is the armed wing of the Republic to enforce the laws set by the National Assembly and directed by the Ministry of State Affairs or the Ministry of Justice. It oversees the Cascadian Army and is responsible for training, discipline and veterans affairs.

Ministry of Justice

Current Minister of Justice: Buster McCovey

The Ministry of Justice is the national police agency of Cascadia responsible for the common welfare of citizens and primary law enforcement. The Cascadian Police Force is the common welfare agency responsible for carrying out the laws of the Republic. The Police Force is managed by the Ministry as is the Constitutional Court of Cascadia, the highest court in the country.

Ministry of Health and Safety

Current Minister of Health and Safety: Pusheen the Cat

The Ministry of Health and Safety is the national health service and safety agency of Cascadia. It is tasked with the nationalized health care system and upholding medical ethics and safety standards and for drafting proposals to improve the quality of life for Cascadian citizens.

Ministry of Science and Energy

Current Minister of Science and Energy: Frankie Stein

The Ministry of Science and Energy is the national scientific research and energy agency responsible for the development of the national infrastructure in terms of scientific research and energy grid as well as the development of new technology and regulatory controls.

Ministry of Education

Current Minister of Education: Mary Graceson

The Ministry of Education is the nationalized education and curriculum agency responsible for providing a quality education to all Cascadian citizens. It oversees all primary, secondary, and collegiate studies in the nation and is also tasked with rehabilitation and reentry of incarcerated individuals back into society.

Ministry of Labor and Agriculture

Current Minister of Labor and Agriculture: Julia Smith

The Ministry of Labor and Agriculture is the agency responsible for all agricultural and labor regulations and ownership of business. All licences and certifications for businesses, established by the Ministry of State Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, or the National Assembly or the states and cities, are overseen by the Ministry, who enforces all labor laws and food and agricultural standards. The Ministry also oversees the registry of labor unions such as the Cascadian Feminist Workers Union.

Ministry of Finance

Current Minister of Finance: Diana Smith

The Ministry of Finance is the national treasury of Cascadia, as brokered by the Cascadian Constitution. It is responsible for all funding of state agencies, the military, collection of dues and wealth redistribution. It also oversees the Cascadian State Credit Union and the distribution of state currency.

Ministry of Cultural Affairs

Current Minister of Cultural Affairs: Cali Bear

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs is responsible for the development of Cascadian culture including sports, tourism, industry, arts, music, etc. Its main goal is to draw tourism and to establish a unique and common Cascadian identity while also promoting the individual cultures of the sovereign states.

Ministry of Religious Freedom

Current Minister of Religious Freedom: Ceres Smith

The Ministry of Religious Freedom is responsible for overseeing the registry of recognized religions and for ensuring the states committment to religious freedom, tolerance, and to anti-discrimination policies outlined in the Cascadian Constitution.

Truth and Dignity Commission

Current Chairman of Truth and Dignity: Poppy the Cat

The Truth and Dignity Commission is an independent government organization responsible for overseeing and holding council over matters that have brought great strain, hardship, grief, and/or loss to Sonoran citizens. The Commission in recent times has also been granted the right to more civil law matters whereas criminal law is prosecuted by the Constitutional Court.