Cascadian National Assembly

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National Assembly of the Cascadian Democratic Republic
Cascadian National Assembly
3rd Congress of the Cascadian National Assembly
President of the Cascadian Democratic RepublicHer Excellency Cookie the Cat, National Unity-Liberal Bloc
since August 15, 2019
Vice President of the Cascadian Democratic RepublicHis Eminence Pip the Cat, National Unity-Socialist Bloc
since November 15, 2019
Premier of the Cascadian Democratic RepublicHer Right Honorable Titania Smith, National Unity-Marxist Bloc
since November 15, 2019
Chairman of the Truth and Dignity CommissionTater the Cat, National Unity-Socialist Bloc
since Novembet 15, 2019
Political groups     National Unity (4)
     National (1)
CommitteesTruth and Dignity Commission
Voting systemFirst-past-the-post
Last electionNovember 2019
Meeting place
People's Hall of Assembly

The Cascadian National Assembly is the official state legislature of the Cascadian Democratic Republic. It was created in December 2018 following the collapse of the Sonoran Soviet Union and the establishment of a Sonoran Confederation in which the cities of Clackamas and New Salem merged. In April 2019, Cascadia became independent and was taken control of by a small Smithist faction who quickly formed a vanguard party and centralized socialist system establishing the Cascadian Soviet Socialist Republic. The People's Assembly was briefly known as the People's Soviet but did not see any legislative action. On May 6, Titania Smith was elected unopposed with 92% of the vote but was deposed in a coup just days later led by former Smith allies, Vice President Cali Bear (who seized the Presidency) and Buster McCovey and the former Animalian President, Pip the Cat. Pip is a Cascadian citizen and a member of the Cascadian Patriotic Party and the now-former Animalian government denied any involvement in the coup. A fresh snap election was called for on May 14 with Cali Bear being formally elected as the 3rd President of Cascadia. The Patriotic Party gained 4 of 5 seats with the party electing McCovey as their legislative leader, effectively making him Chairman of the People's Assembly and its Presidium. Bear later appointed him to serve concurrently as his Vice President. However, this legislature would not see any action either as on May 17, following the events of the Cascadian War, Animalia merged with Cascadia and a new election to enfranchise the Animalians and repatriated Smithist-Soviet Cascadians was scheduled on May 20 to elect the now-National Assembly. Bear won again narrowly squeaking out a victory ahead of the newly elected Animalian President Cookie the Cat. Bear made Cat his Vice President. The People's Patriotic Party and the Patriotic Party each won 3 seats and formed the Patriotic Coalition to create majority government with Buster McCovey being elected as Prime Minister. In August 2019, the seats were lowered to 7 per constitutional mandate. The Patriotic Worker's Party only gained 2 seats, National Unity only 1, the Nationals gained 2 and the new Christian Democrats and Liberal Democrats each gaining 1. This meant that both the Patriotic Coalition of the PWP and LDP and the National Front of the Nationals and Christian Democrats both had 3 seats each in the Assembly. CNUP announced it would not be forming a coalition with either stating its intention to remain neutral and form a "national unity government". On August 15th, the day the National unity government was sworn in the all but the LDP merged to form a one-party state under the National Unity Party. However, this course was reversed two days later when investigations to expose corruption led to the arrest of Titus Smith and Sirsheen the Cat for conspiring against the state and undermining democracy in order to set up a syncretic dictatorship. Smith was expelled as Ceannaire, the short-lived post abolished, and the government restored to its democratically elected state. The National Unity Party that was formed during the days prior and after the election was reorganized into a government political coalition including all parties. The Freedom Party, a reunification of the National and Christian Democratic parties, left the coalition on September 18th after continued disagreements and a breakdown in talks which included dissolving and reforming the National Assembly. It later dissolved altogether and its remaining members reformed the National Party.


The National Assembly is a unicameral legislature in which the power to draft and pass legislation rests solely in the hands of its directly elected members. The Assembly has the power to elect who serves as their leader. All legislation passed by the National Assembly must have a 50% or larger majority and must be approved by the Premier. Legislation passed then must receive official approval from the President of the Cascadian Democratic Republic who either signs the bill into law or vetoes it with his objections and sends it back to the National Assembly. The Assembly can override this veto by a vote of judicial review which can be presided over by the Constitutional Court. During the 1st Congress, there was a larger amount of seats until a proportional amount was established. Currently there are 5 seats comprised of 4 National Unity and 1 National.

1st Congress of the National Assembly

The 1st Congress of the National Assembly ran from May 20th to August 15th, 2019 and was instrumental in the passing of the Cascadian Constitution. While relatively inactive, it tried to pass major reforms.

2nd Congress of the National Assembly

The 2nd Congress of the National Assembly began on August 15th and ended on November 15th, 2019. The 2nd Congress was largely more active than its predecessor, passing military and electoral reforms. It also has passed bills protecting and preserving the environment and wildlands, suicide prevention, national vaccination program, the first all around smoking and vaping ban, and a Universal Services package which included free and affordable healthcare, education, housing, access to school lunches for children and students of poverty, and universal basic income.

3rd Congress of the National Assembly

The 3rd Congress of the National Assembly began on November 15th, 2019 and will run until February 15th, 2020. The 3rd Congress was active in passing legislation approving a new Constitution that formed the democratic socialist state and the revitalization of the Cascadian Democratic Republic or CDR. The red Congress was instrumental in the passage of a new Constitution of the Cascadian Democratic Republic and the passage of bill granting citizenship status to stateless persons, the first ever recorded instance by any nation. It has also passed legislation extending presidential term limits while also maintaining the current term setting as an alternate option. They also outlawed chemical carcinogens and passed legislation outlining that only natural organic products and authentic Cultural products may be permissible within the CDR, including the outlawing of any products made under duress, forced labor, or slave wages/labor.

Current members

Portlandia - Titania Smith - Premier of Cascadia (NUP-M)
Animalia - Poppy the Cat (NUP-L)
New Reno - Diana Smith (CNP)
Dorada - Mark Olsen (NUP-S)
Willamette - Katherine von Hindenburg (NUP-M)