Cascadian Feminist Workers Union

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Feminist Workers Union
Sindicato Feminista de Trabajadores (Spanish)
Aontas na nOibrithe Feimineach (Irish)



Founded August 18, 2019
Headquarters Clackamas
General nature Trade Union and peak trade union body, Syndicalist organisation, Female Empowerment through syndicalism.
General Secretary Amy Smith
Deputy Secretary Josh Graceson
Cascadian socialism

The Feminist Workers Union, or FWO, (Irish:Aontas na nOibrithe Feimineach, AOF, Spanish: Sindicato Feminista de Trabajadores, SFT) is a labor union currently operating and representing all workers in Cascadia.


The objectives of FWO are:

  • The collective nationalization of industry;
  • Organization of wage and salary earners in the workplace;
  • The use of Cascadian resources to maintain full employment, establish affordable living standards which increase productivity, and create opportunities for the development of talent;
  • Ensuring the democratic management of self managed business and companies;
  • Ensure protections for worker safety in collaboration with the Cascadian laws and that laws are upheld by Cascadian Police, the Constitutional Court, Ministry of Justice and National Assembly;
  • Ensuring the safety and empowerment of female workers to join industries regardless of "gender norms"
  • Ensuring the equal wage and salary earning of female workers in comparison to male counterparts.