President of the Republic of Cascadia

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Premier of Union of Cascadian Socialist Republics
Titania Smith

since February 15, 2020
StyleHer Excellency
ResidenceTitaniagrad, Portlandian SSR, Cascadia
Term length3 months
Inaugural holderJim von Hindenburg
FormationMarch 2019

The Office of the Premier of the Union of Cascadian Socialist Republics is the highest office in the nation, with the Premier exercising the role of head of state and Commander-in-Chief of the Cascadian People's Green Army and Cascadian Peoples Green Police and head of the executive branch, which comprises the President's cabinet. As of April 19, 2020, the cabinet consists of the following:

  • Her Excellency Titania Smith -Premier of Cascadia, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, Chairman of the National Defense Commission, Chairman of the National Cyberspace Commission
  • His Right Honorable Cali Bear - Chairman of the Cultural Affairs Commission and Premier of the Cascadian Democratic Republic
  • Josh Graceson - Chairman of the National Education Commission and Chairman of the Truth and Dignity Commission
  • Mark Olsen - Chairman of the Financial Affairs Commission
  • Julia Smith - Chairman of the Health and Safety Commission
  • Jim von Hindenburg - Chairman of the Science and Energy Commission
  • Amy Smith - Chairman of the Labor and Agricultural Commission, Chairman of the National Transportation Commission, and Chairman of the Propaganda and Information Commission
  • Buster McCovey - Chairman of the Judicial Affairs Commission