Sorrenian presidential election, January 2014

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This article is about the Sorrenian Presidential Election of January 2014. For the General Election of January 2014, see Sorrenian General Election, January 2014.

Sorrenian Presidential Election, January 2014
← Initial Presidential Election 26/01/14 April 2014 →
Candidate Miles of Sorrenia Llewelyn Lawton
Party Socialist Party of Sorrenia Centrist Anglican Party of Sorrenia
Home state Eurania Amon Lasgalen
Percentage 80% 20%

President before election

Miles of Sorrenia
Socialist Party of Sorrenia

President after election

Miles of Sorrenia
Socialist Party of Sorrenia

Key Issues

 • Secularism - with both the Socialist and Liberty Parties announcing that they would attempt to ban all religious icons in government, as well as religious political parties, secularism became a hotly contested issue, with those in favour arguing it was to protect all Sorrenians, and those against arguing it was a way to limit the Centrist Anglican Party.
 • Culture - some Sorrenians were unhappy with the rate of cultural growth in the nation, arguing that it was being held back by this lack of cultural growth. Although all three of the political parties supported cultural advancements, the Liberty Party in specific argued that efforts should be furthered, primarily blaming the Socialist Party.


Miles of Sorrenia

Due to the haste of the election, neither candidate had much time to campaign. Therefore, Miles' campaign was relaxed, only releasing a few pieces of propaganda, urging Sorrenians to continue supporting the "right choice for Sorrenia."

Llewelyn Lawton

Due to Miles' support of a secularism bill being introduced, Llewelyn campaigned to "protect religious rights" and accused both Miles of Sorrenia and the other supporters of the secularism bill as opposing democracy. Along with this, Llewelyn reaffirmed his position as an anti-Kozlovan, warning Sorrenians about a continued left-wing government.


As excepted, Miles of Sorrenia prevailed and won a second term as President - however, Llewelyn put up a considerable fight by most accounts, retaining 20% of the vote. Many expected him to lose percentage points due to the increase in left-wing immigration to Sorrenia.

Shortly after the election, the Socialist and Liberty Parties introduced the notorious bill on secularism, which - once passed - gave Llewelyn's party (the Centrist Anglican Party) 24 hours to remove all religious elements from their logo and political platform; as a result, Llewelyn left Sorrenia in protest (however later returned).