Sorrenian presidential election, 2013

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This article is about the Initial Presidential Election in the Sorrenian Federation. For the Initial General Election, see Initial General Election in the Sorrenian Federation.

Sorrenian Initial Presidential Election
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← Nation Created 04/11/13 January 2014 →
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Candidate Miles of Sorrenia Llewelyn Lawton
Party Socialist Party Centrist Anglican Party
Home state Eurania Amon Lasgalen
Percentage 80% 20%

President before election

Position created

President after election

Miles of Sorrenia
Socialist Party

Key Issues

 • History of Kozlova - there was a lot of conflict over the dissolution of Kozlova, with many nostalgic of the old state, and many who did not want to return to a far-left mode of governance.

 • Religion - some elements of Sorrenia (most notably Llewelyn Lawton) wanted to create a nation based off the teachings of Christianity; some elements of the Liberty Party also supported this. However, many (most notably Miles of Sorrenia) were adamantly secularist, and did not want any reference to religion in government.

 • Candidate's Experience - As Sorrenia was only a day old, many citizens felt a dedicated and experienced micronationalist was needed. Miles of Sorrenia campaigned on this, stating that due to his leadership in Kozlova he was capable for the role of President, and doubted Llewelyn's dedication to the new nation, due to his previous actions as an Aztokan rebel. Llewelyn countered this saying that he too was experienced, and had full dedication to the new nation.


Miles of Sorrenia

Miles was popular in Sorrenia, however was also considered a polarizing character. In order to ensure a victory, Miles campaigned on change from the previous communist state of Kozlova, promising the liberal elements of Sorrenia that while Sorrenia would be an egalitarian nation, it wouldn't be defined by communism or socialism.

Llewelyn Lawton

Llewelyn was also a popular person in Sorrenia, and in some senses was the favourite to win, due to the anti-Kozlovans outnumbering the pro-Kozlovans. However, he remained adamant that Sorrenia should base itself off Christian values, which may have turned away many secular liberals, who - similar to their distaste of communism - didn't want a nation defined by a religion.


To many, the result was a surprise. Although it was generally expected that Miles of Sorrenia would win, it was estimated to be far closer, with few expecting Miles to win with more than 60%; Llewellyn congratulated the newly elected President, and accepted a subordinate role as Governor - Llewelyn did however go on to play a big role in the Sorrenian Federation (as did Miles of Sorrenia).