Skirmish of Quadpap

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Skirmish of Quadpap
Part of the Førvania-Moleland conflict
Quadpap, the location of the skirmish
DateOctober 6, 2015
Result Tactical Moleland/Australia victory
Førvania Flag.jpg Førvanian Military
Flag of Australia.svg Australian citizens
Moleland Republic
Commanders and leaders
Emperor Nicholai I of Førvania President Will, Moleland citizens
4 3
Casualties and losses
0 0

The Skirmish of Quadpap was a battle fought between the Empire of Førvania and the Moleland Republic in Quadpap and the surrounding vicinity, as part of a war that had been going on since August 26, 2015. It began after a flag was placed up by Emperor Nicholai, which immediately bought the attention of Molelanders, who were playing downball nearby. The Emperor then asked nearby Australians to guard the flag, which they did, and then Moleland citizens started taking charges at the flag with the intent of bringing it down, before eventually succeeding within five minutes of the flag being placed down. This led to Førvania withdrawing its claim on the territory that evening.


In late August 2015, a group of Førvanians, including then-Prime Minister Alec and Crown Prince Nicholas, attempted to overthrow Emperor Nicholai, which led to the removal of all but Alec from the country. They responded by starting their own country, the Moleland Republic, and immediately declaring war on Førvania. The Empire ignored these allegations.

On September 4, the Empire officially claimed the territory of Quadpap, something which the Moleland Republic seemed unaware of. The Empire began attempting to formally mark the territory as Førvanian.[1]

On the date of the battle, at approximately 12.45pm, Emperor Nicholai went to the library at school, near the territory of Quadpap, to print off a copy of the Førvanian flag. He then printed it off in A3 and carried it to the area, on the way stopping at a staff room to gain some sticky tape.

The skirmish

Mobilisation of forces

Almost immediately after the flag was being placed on two of the trees, Molelanders, who were playing a game nearby, came to the attention. They initially began berating Emperor Nicholai for 'trying to claim the school'.

A group of Australian citizens then came along, and they asked what was happening. The Emperor told them that they needed to guard the flag from people who were trying to take it down, which they said they would. He also temporarily awarded them citizenship so they could enter the territory. The sticky tape was returned, and the Emperor arrived back at Quadpap to see the flag still up there.

Moleland attacks

At this point, a Moleland citizen, Jake, charged at the flag, attempting to take it down from the trees which it was taped to, but he was fended off by the Førvanian guards. He then went back to the downball court. A few seconds later, another citizen of Moleland charged at the flag. The Emperor yelled, "Stop him, he's a known terrorist!" as he charged, but despite the best efforts of the guards, he managed to remove one point of contact between the flag and the trees. As he went back to the downball court, President Will then charged at it, and removed the flag. This led to the Emperor taking the flag away and leaving the area.


Around two hours later, Førvania withdrew its claim to Quadpap, which essentially meant a Moleland victory. At 8.40pm that night, a Molelander who was an ex-Førvanian began sending a series of messages to the Emperor, which included threatening to send out a photo of the Emperor that would have had something inappropriate Photoshopped onto his nose. At the end, the Molelander said:

And are you stupid enough to claim land that you don't own and can't own.

No further action has been taken upon this message.

The flag involved in the skirmish survived intact, and is now on the wall in the Førvanian embassy to Australia, otherwise known of as the Emperor's bedroom.