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  State and Capital of the Empire of Førvania  
Paaoma (August 2015)
Nickname(s): The Leader's State
Country Førvania
Affiliated Territories West Victoria Island
Joined Førvania March 10, 2015
 - Duke Nicholai, 1st Duke of Paaoma
 - Parliamentary Representative Dame Lee, MP
 - Total 0.000427 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Land 0.000427 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Water 0 km2 (0 sq mi)  0%
Elevation 83 m (272 ft)
Population (2015)
 - Total 5
Time zone AEST (UTC+10)
 - Summer (DST) AEDT (UTC+11)

Paaoma is the capital of the Empire of Førvania.


Paaoma is an anglicisation of pääoma, which is 'capital' in Finnish.

The island was originally named Modest Island, because in April 2015, Emperor Nicholai asked the public for suggestions for the island's names. He then received an email from Alec, 2nd Prime Minister of Førvania on April 16, where he suggested naming the islands Modest and Colossal, 'obviously colossal for the small one'. Even though it was meant as a joke, he declared it as the name. In September 2015, it was decided that it wasn't right to name the capital of a country as a joke, and an Act was put before Parliament to change it. The original name was Paåoma, but a suggestion from Princess Lee to anglicise the name was upheld.


On November 21, 2015, Paaoma was twinned with Mcarthia City, the capital of the Republic of Mcarthia.

On February 16, 2016, the Crown Realm of New South Leinster was absorbed into Paaoma for three reasons. One was so the capital of the nation would have land borders, another was because New South Leinster had no population, and the last one was that the concept of Crown Realms seemed redundant.


Paaoma is led by the monarch, under the title of Duke. It is represented in Parliament by an MP, currently Lee.