Monarchy of Førvania

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Emperor of Førvania
Stephen I & Jean I
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveN/A
First monarchEmperor Nicholai I
FormationMarch 10, 2015
The official Imperial Ensign, for usage as a placeholder official photograph and on governmental vehicles.
Førvanian Royal Family

On Emperor Nicholai's father's side:

On Emperor Nicholai's mother's side:

The monarchy of Førvania is the supreme governing body within the Empire of Førvania. It comprises of the Monarch (currently, Nicholai I) and the royal family, the House of Fredriksson. As well as being the Emperor or Empress of Førvania, the Monarch also holds the titles of Duke or Duchess of Paaoma and Earl of New South Leinster.

Powers and duties

The powers of the Monarch have never been officially set through law, however, due to Acts that have been passed, the Monarch may:

  • appoint a Deputy Prime Minister
  • dismiss the Prime Minister or a Member of Parliament from office
  • declare the Prime Minister in the event of an unbreakable tie in a federal election