History of Førvania

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The major event that would eventually lead to Førvania becoming the nation it is today took place on July 3, 2009. At this point, Nicholai Fredriksson, a 7-year old from Victoria, Australia, moved to his current residence. The town he moved to had recently had a new supermarket built, and nearby were two small islands.

Fredriksson founded a website, NMR: Kings of Random, in September 2011. This served as a creative outlet for Fredriksson and two of his friends, but the website eventually lapsed into inactivity. However, through this website, what would one day become Førvania began. Fredriksson noticed the smallest island, and decided, with his friends, to travel to that island and spend 24 hours there. The island went by the name of Tallulah Island.

In 2012, Fredriksson read about the Principality of Sealand, He then became inspired, and resolved to one day start a micronation. He came up with plenty of ideas over the years, but none of them ever came to fruition.

Going to high school in 2015 changed this. Fredriksson made friends, including Alec, Nicholas, and Stuart, and founded the Principality of Førvania in a geography classroom on March 10.

The first few months of the nation were highly chaotic. In the first two and a bit months, there were four Prime Ministers, two of whom served multiple times. There was a highly farcical war at a beach in Phillip Island, and population fluxed immensely. However, the nation had sorted itself out by June, when Emperor Nicholai delivered the Declaration of Independence to the local state MP, Cindy McLeish. The declaration was not dismissed out of hand.

There was a period of reasonable stability until the start of August, when, after being stressed out for the past few days, Emperor Nicholai temporarily stood down as Emperor. A rebellion which had been brewing under the surface erupted, and attempted to block Nicholai from becoming Emperor again. However this was defeated, but it lead to the reset of the Empire on August 24, with the citizenship of everyone in the class being revoked. A fair portion of the class founded a new nation, the Moleland Republic, which declared war on Førvania.

Since then, the Empire has been remarkably stable. It absorbed a nation that had been continually declaring war on it, the Allambi Republic, and began forming new legislation. However, the nation began to become inactive in March and April 2016, which led to Emperor Nicholai attempt to bring in reforms.