Alec Mole

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The Rt Hon. Sir
Alec Mole
Mole's official picture
2nd Prime Minister of Førvania
In office
26 March 2015 – 13 April 2015
April 2015-15 May 2015
22 June 2015-5 August 2015
7 August 2015-31 August 2015
MonarchEmperor Nicholai I of Førvania
Preceded bySamuel Awesome
Jake Smith
Willis Morrison
Kaitlin, 5th Prime Minister of Førvania
Succeeded bySamuel Awesome
Willis Morrison
Kaitlin, 5th Prime Minister of Førvania
Post temporarily abolished for referendum (next: Kealy)

Alec Mole (June 4, 2002-) is the Chief Mole of Moleland and the Marquess of Molehole, and was formerly the Prime Minister of Førvania, director of Project FørvNet, and the Imperial Mole. Born in 2002 in Melbourne, Australia, Mole met Nicholai Fredriksson in late 2014, and was one of he first people to join the Empire of Førvania in March 2015, around the same time he developed an obsession with moles. He became the Prime Minister of Førvania in early March, and held that role frequently, with intermissions, until the 31 August, when he left Førvania to join the Moleland Republic. In 2016, he rejoined as the leader of the territory of Molehole.

Preceded by:
1st: Samuel
2nd: Jake
3rd: Willis
4th: Kaitlin
Prime Minister of Førvania
1st: 26 March-13 April 2015
2nd: April-15 May 2015
3rd: 22 June-5 August 2015
4th: 7–31 August 2015
Succeeded by:
1st: Samuel
2nd: Willis
3rd: Kaitlin
4th: Post temporarily suspended for referendum
Next: Kealy