Crown Prince Nicholas of Førvania

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Crown Prince Nicholas MF
Crown Prince of Førvania, Duke of Mrs Kaspar is Awesome Island, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Official Idiot, Food Taster, Philosopher, Chicken Parmigiana, alias Nosostros Tenemos Oveja
Prince Regent of Førvania
Reign2.57pm, August 4, 2015-7.54am, August 6, 2015
Crown Prince of Førvania
TimeMarch 10-August 23, 2015
SuccessorCrown Prince Stephen and Crown Princess Jean
Oldest citizen of Førvania
Record heldMarch 10-August 23, 2015
SuccessorCrown Prince Stephen
Born14 January 2002 (2002-01-14) (age 22)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Crown Prince Nicholas of Førvania (January 14, 2002-) is an Australian student who was formerly Førvanian, and at one point served as the Prince Regent of the nation. He met Nicholai Fredriksson at a high school orientation day in 2014, and they became friends. He was sitting next to Nicholai when he founded the Empire of Førvania, and, as the first to join the nation, he became the Crown Prince. He was the founder of the short-lived Noodle Party, and then joined the 'Ya Mum is a Cow 🐮 Party'. When Nicholai took leave of the throne due to stress in August 2015, Nicholas became Prince Regent. However, he did not do a very good job of preventing the rebellion, which led to Nicholai taking back the throne two days later. He is still very good friends with Nicholai and has expressed interest in re-joining Førvania.

On November 24, Nicholas was inducted into the Order of Førvania.