Førvania-Moleland conflict

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The Empire of Førvania has been involved in long-standing tension between themselves and the Moleland Republic, another micronation made up of ex-Førvanians, who attend the same school as Emperor Nicholai. The conflicts between the two nations date back to August 2015, when the Prime Minister of Førvania, Alec, and other citizens, began a rebellion to try and overthrow Nicholai. When the rebellion was defeated, they created a new country and declared war on Førvania. Events came to a head in the Skirmish of Quadpap, but war flared up again on February 15. It is unclear why there is conflict between the two nations.

The Rebellion

In August 2015, Emperor Nicholai took temporary leave of the throne due to stress, leaving Crown Prince Nicholas in charge. A group of people consisting of the current Prime Minister, Alec, the former Prime Minister, Jake, Will, and Stuart, attempted to take over the country. They tried to persuade Crown Prince Nicholas to give one of them the throne, where they would change the laws to become the dictators of the nation. Nicholai took back the throne and somewhat successfully squashed the rebellion, so the nation was stable, for a while.

The First Mole War

On August 26, 2015, Will, who had recently been removed from Førvania, started a new country, the Moleland Republic, with himself as president. Stuart, Jake, and Alec immediately joined, and the first thing the new country did was declare war on Førvania. In the school library on September 1, talks were held between Førvania and Moleland, and the result was that Stuart, as the 'advisor to the president' would settle for nothing less than Førvania becoming a territory of Moleland. President Will took a backseat during these talks.

The war reached its climax during the Skirmish of Quadpap, when Stuart and Jake invaded Førvania to take down a flag. Peace was made between the nation's two days later.

The conflict today

On February 15, 2016, Will declared war on Førvania for the second time. Førvania initially intended to ignore it, but Emperor Nicholai began taking actions against it. However, he released a statement apologising for his actions on February 17.

It is unknown why conflicts between the two nations have flared up. Nicholai's assumption is that it is based on personal antagonism against him, and the desire to cause annoyance. Moleland authorities have not said anything on this matter.