Republic of Breuckelen

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Republic of Breuckelen
Autonomous Province of Bepistan
Flag of Republic of Breuckelen
Coat of arms of Republic of Breuckelen
Coat of arms
Anthem: "State Anthem of Breuckelen"
Annexed by the Batavian Empire5 November 2022
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesDutch
GovernmentAutonomous province
Matthew Laptev
• Stadtholder
Jacob Vancapelle
• Total
0.11 km2 (0.042 sq mi)
• 2022 estimate
CurrencyUnited States dollar ($) (USD)
Driving sideright

TheRepublic of Breuckelen was a dependency of the Batavian Empire, located within the New York metropolitan area. Breuckelen was first founded as a sovereign republic on 15 September 2022, gaining independence from the State of Faltree wherein it had existed as the County of Breuckelen since 12 June 2021. Breuckelen was officially governed by the Stadtholder, the current Stadtholder is Matthew Laptev. It was incorporated back into the State of Faltree on 18 December 2022, following the ascension of Jacob Vancapelle as the new Commander of Faltree.


The name "Breuckelen" derives from the area's colonial name, which was named by Dutch settlers. It was named after Breuckelen.


On 7 July 2021, the Faltrian Senate agreed upon that Faltree should expand into the New York Metropolitan area, to purposely neighbor Long Island nations such as Ausveria and the Bepistani Reich. This would later result in the formation of Breuckelen and was later elevated to the status of a county in September 2021, and was declared a part of Canvia on 21 September 2021. It was legally removed from Canvia on 28 October. On 15 September 2022, Commander Hunt Powell granted sovereignty to Breuckelen, leaving behind a impartial constitution.

By the later half of September, Breuckelen would begin to experience complete inactivity, with the election of Brennan Sullivan as Stadtholder being the only event. On the same day the Batavian Empire was established, Breuckelen was annexed into the empire and given a constitution written by Connor Shaw and Jacob Vancapelle. A few minutes after the constitution was drafted, Matthew Laptev was appointed as Stadtholder of Breuckelen. Some citizens resisted this action as it was practically a coup, but the Stadtholder regime prevailed over the minimal amount of dissent.

Political parties

Though political parties aren't allowed to have a posistion in government, they are legally allowed to form and exist. Vancapelle has allowed the office of Stadtholder to establish democratic processes in Breuckelen.

Logo Name Ideology Position Leader
Fuckpolitics Party FP Radical Satiricism, Post-Post-Modernism, Extremist Terrorism, Anti-Centrism, Political Agnosticism, Posadism Anti-centrist Parabirb
Breuckelen League BL Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism, Left-Wing Populism Left-wing
Left Hand Path Unity Party LHPUP Leftism, Left Hand Path Politics, Environmentalism, Secularism, Utilitarianism, Anti-Fascism Left-wing Luciferio Mickomik
Breuckelenite Blue-Shirt Movement BBSM Militarism, Anti-Marxism, Political Catholicism, Hibernophillia, Blue-Shirt Internationalism Far-right Thomas Jacobs
De Monarchistische Liga DML Monarchism Centre Maximilian Greig
Horseshoe Crab Preservation Society HCPS Radical Centrism Center Matthew Laptev
N/A Pars Politica PP Internationalism, Centrism, Utilitarianism Centre Connor Simonetti