Rally for National Restoration (Tiana)

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Rally for National Restoration
LeaderDebbie Cohen
SloganOne Nation
Founded10 June 2012
Dissolved25 August 2012
Split fromDemocratic Alliance for Freedom
Merged intoDemocratic Party
HeadquartersMansongrad, Altusia
Membership  (2012)1
IdeologyNational liberalism,
National conservatism,
Right-wing populism,
Political positionRight-wing
Official colorsBlue, silver
Seats in the National Assembly
0 / 5

The Rally for National Restoration (RNR) was a minor Tianan right-wing political party. It failed to win any election on a national or local scale, and was largely seen as eccentric in the left-wing dominated political sphere of Tiana. Its only leader is Debbie Cohen. The RNR merged into the Democratic Party on August 25, 2012.


The RNR was ideologically nationalist and liberal conservative. It was staunchly opposed to immigration, as well as being firmly anti-Islamic. This led many on both the left and right in Tiana to accuse the RNR of racism.