Principality of Breitzickburg

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The Principality of Breitzickburg was the only territory of Mendersia ruled by a prince, namely Nicholas I. Prince 30.4. In 2020 he abdicated to the throne, thereby publicly destroying this principality.

Knížectví Breitzickburg CS
Principality of Breitzickburg EN
Knizectvyi Breitzickburg MEN
Menders-flag.png Principality in Mendersia
Flag Breitzickburg Coat of Army Breitzickburg
Flag Breitzickburg Coat of Army Breitzickburg
Location in Mendersia
Basic data
Capital City: Breitzickburg (Mendersia)
Area: ? km²
Citizens: 0
Density: ? residents/km²
Governor: Nicholas I.
Languages: Czech,English,Bohujisian
Religions: ?