Pirate Party of Mendersia

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Pirate Party of Mendersia
Party LeaderPeter Jirka de Odenthalos
1. Deputy chairmanEric Smith
2. Deputy chairmanKate Malova
Founded24 November 2019
HeadquartersVia, Mendersia
NewspaperPirates News
Membership (2020)4 (before dissolution)
Political positioncenter-left
SloganMendersian's technology is our mission
Seats in United Parliament
2 / 8
Official website

PPM was founded by Eric Smith on November 24, 2019 and its official name was Pirate Party of Mendersia. It was based in Via. PPM was a social democratic and center-left party. PPM was banned by Mírný's government on 8 Jun 2020.

Electoral Results

Election Vote % Votes Seat %
2019 66.6% 5
5 / 7
2020 16.7% 2
1 / 5