National Diet (Mendersia)

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The National Diet is the Parliament of Mendersia and is officially located in Via, but its negotiations are conducted online.

National Diet
Národní sněm
Menders-Coat of arms.png
Leader (Vice-President of Mendersia)Samuel Lauko, MPNC
1. Deputy chairman (President of Mendersia)Jan Mírný, MPNC
since 4 June 2020
2. Deputy chairman (Prime Minister of Mendersia)František Heller, MPNC
since 4 June 2020
Political groupsMPNC (7)
7 / 8
Vacant (1)
1 / 8
Voting system5 - Elected in Parliamentary Elections
3 - President, Prime Minister and Vice President
Last electionJuly 2020
Meeting place
Via, Mendersia
Discord server

Your party must have at least 10% of the votes in order to reach the National Diet. There are 8 deputies in the Diet, 5 of whom are elected in the parliamentary elections and 3 are the President, the Prime Minister and the Vice-President.