Elections in Mendersia 2019

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In year 2019 there was one election in Mendersia.

Parliament Elections 2019

Elections to the United Parliament were held on 6 and 7 December 2019. This was the first ever election after the establishment of Mendersia and the first election to the newly formed parliament. The election was attended by all four existing political parties Pirates, Social Democrats, Greens and SSO.

As expected, the Pirates won 66.60 percent of the vote and received 5 seats. Social Democracy came second, with 16.7 percent of the vote and 1 mandate. GSM-CPM received 16.7 percent of the vote. SSO took fourth place with 0.0 percent of votes and 0 seats.

Party Party Leader Election result 2019
% United Parliament
PPM Peter Jirka de Odenthalos
5 / 7
SDP Waldemar Smith
1 / 7
GSM-CPM Petra Horses Smith
1 / 7
SSO (today TRD) He was not in the election
0 / 7