President of Petorio

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President of the Republic of Petorio
Flag of Petorio.png
Kalvin koolidge.png
Kalvin Koolidge
October 15th, 2008
Residence Charwood, Petorio
Term length 2 years, once renewable
Inaugural holder Kalvin Koolidge
Formation Petorian constitution

September 26th, 2008

Website N/A

The President of the Republic of Petorio is the highest office in the Republic. The President has the powers to create and suggest laws to the Parliament, represent Petorio during GUM meetings, print bank notes (with permission from the Bank of Petorio), call for Parliamentary meetings, make or break treaties with other micronations, review applications for citizenship and others. The term of the President in office is two years which are renewable once allowing the president to serve for 4 years maximum. Presidential elections election are held on October 13 of each year. The last election was in 2008

List of Presidents

Photograph Name Political Party Term start Term end Notes
KalvinKoolidgeSpeech.png Kalvin Koolidge Not affiliated 2008 incumbent Co-founder of the Republic of Petorio together with Barry Ortiz. During his term laws banning incandescent light bulbs and energy drinks were passed, an immigration policy was adopted, 2 new territories were admitted to the nation and the nation became involved in the Camurian War.