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New Eiffel road map system.jpeg

New Eiffel Main Route 1 (NEMR 1), or simply the Main Route or Main Route 1 is a 42.8-metre (140 ft) long state highway which travels from Plitvice to Új Repülő. The highway has existed since at least January 2018 and was designated as New Eiffel Road 1 until it was renamed on February 2018. It is the longest and most traveled on road in New Eiffel, and the only fully paved one. It was one of the first two roads constructed/named in New Eiffel, alongside the J16.

The road begins at the eastern most point in Plitvice at the border between the city of New Leeds in Seat Street and ends at the New Eiffel-United Kingdom West Border in Új Repülő. It runs alongside New Eiffel Gardens, before it leads into Új Repülő and intersects with Prince Zabëlle I Road, then turns to the south after about 26.6 m (87.3 ft), before turning back to the west.