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Micronational Nomic tournament
ProprietorsHoratio Eden, Kit McCarthy
Date established2nd January, 2017
Game information
Administrator (elected position)Horatio Eden
Correct as of 2nd January, 2017, 21:02 UTC
Game rules (current session)47[1]
Correct as of 2nd January, 2017, 21:02 UTC
Current sessionSession One
Other information
Skype linkLounge

Nomicro is an intermicronational tournament established by Horatio Eden and Kit McCarthy. An any-time drop-in tournament of the game Nomic by philosopher Peter Suber in 1982, the crux of the game lies in the mutability of the rules of the game. The tournament itself starts off with only one rule: "Rules can only be changed by majority vote", and from there the players decide what the rules of the game are by majority vote. Additionally, the rule of majority vote rule-changing can also be changed by majority vote. The current game has forty-seven rules decided upon by the participants.

So far, the game is in its first session. The winner of the game, the first person to get three hundred points, will be crowned the "Picolas Cage" of that session.


The idea for the game was conceived by Horatio Eden and Kit McCarthy and came to life on January 2, 2017, gaining popularity shortly after the completion of a Texas holdem match with several of the same players in it as Nomicro grew to have. The players who migrated to the Nomic game from the holdem match were Emerson Rief (the winner of the poker game), Dallin Langford, Stephen Freayth, and Eden himself.

The game began with a summary by Eden of how it is played and the objective, and it was then publicized through a join link to several other Skype chatrooms. Several others joined, however most of them left, leaving a core group of seven - Eden (referred to as "Harius"), McCarthy, Rief (referred to as "Pinball"), Langford, Freayth, James Frisch and Lucas Campos. However, the join link remains available for any interested potential participants.


Name Micronation of origin Number of rules created Points Notes
Horatio Eden Edenopolitical flag.png Free City-State of Edenopolis 14 15 Current Administrator, game proprietor
Kit McCarthy Flag PNG.PNG Republic of Mcarthia 5 5 Proprietor of the game
James Frisch BEflag.png Principality of Beacon City 0 (since rule proposers were recorded) 1 N/A
Stephen Freayth Abeldane flag.jpg Abeldane Empire and the Commonwealth 4 16 N/A
Emerson Rief Wings flag.png United States of Wings 10 15 N/A
Lucas Campos Crasager flag.png State of Koss 2 2 N/A
Dallin Langford Cinnamon Creek Flag.png State of Cinnamon Creek[?] 2 1 Current Angel


Rule # Rule Proposer
000 Rules can only be changed by majority vote. Present from game start
001 All greetings within the game must be either “what up” or “yo”.
002 The only way to show agreement with a proposed rule is to say “same”.
003 This game shall be known as Nomicro.
004 Only Harius (Horatio Eden) can administrate to this document. Harius alone. No one else.
005 The “Picolas Cage” image shall be the image of the Nomicro chat.
006 Every successfully proposed rule earns the proposer 1 point.
007 To win Nomicro, you must earn 300 points.
008 Every time a proposal passes, at least one player must say “b*tches be crazy”.
009 Every time someone leaves the chat, all players MUST say “pastrami”.
010 There shall be an elected Administrator who decides what proposal is being voted upon.
011 The ruleset shall name the proposer of each proposal. McCarthy
012 The winner shall be known as the Picolas Cage until the next victor. If someone wins twice in a row, they shall be known as The Cage of Picles. Campos
013 The Quorum required to pass new rules shall be the square root, rounded up, of the number of players. Eden
014 Every time a rule is broken, the perpetrator loses one point, unless it is rule N008, in which case, everyone loses a point. Campos
015 A player may be removed by a unanimous vote. McCarthy
016 The winner of the previous game gets to create the first rule of the next game, which shall not be able to be repealed, replaced, or amended and must not be voted on. McCarthy
017 Inactive players be removed at the Administrator's discretion. McCarthy
018 The creation of the Angel, a position which rotates alphabetically daily and has the incumbent’s vote counted as two Campos
019 Steve should be recognised as the Holy Roman Emperor of the world. Freayth
020 The Administrator may pause the game at any time. During the paused state, no proposals may be heard until the Administrator unpauses the game. Eden
021 The first person to say "b*tches be crazy" pursuant to Rule N008 shall receive one point. Eden
022 Both Pinball (Emerson Rief) and Steve (Freayth) get a free point each. (One-time rule) Eden
023 The phrase per Rule N008 may not be spoken until the Administrator announces the passage of a proposal. Rief
024 If a player votes against their own proposal, all other players must call them a mug within three seconds. Eden (amended later by Eden)
025 When leaving or taking a break, a player must say “hold my pickles”. Freayth
026 Pinball (Emerson Rief) shall have the right to change the conversation picture, so long as it still remains a picture of pickles or Nicholas Cage. Rief
027 If a vote has ended in a tie and Kit (McCarthy) is not present, the vote passes by default. Eden
028 I hate my life. Freayth
029 Deleting messages in the Skype chat is punishable by a loss of two points. Eden
030 If a person wins 3 consecutive points by saying “b*tches be crazy”, he loses 1 point and the count restarts. Rief
031 Every thirty minutes of non-paused game time, the Administrator must take a roll call. Failure to achieve Quorum will require that the game be forcibly paused via Rule N020 until players are available. Eden
032 Ayy lmao. Rief
033 Harius (Horatio Eden) shall be responsible for keeping a record of points. McCarthy
034 Inactive players be removed at the Administrator’s discretion. McCarthy
035 Prior to midnight UTC, all players are allowed to give the name of one other player to the Adminstrator. If the name of one player is given to the Administrator as a majority, that player loses five points. Eden
036 Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for being bad. Eden
037 Abstentions should be stylized as “no one cares m3.1415” Rief
038 The Administrator must list the proposer of the current proposal when announcing it. Eden
039 We are number one. Rief
040 The Administrator may grant players awards, such as "grabs popcorn" from time to time. Langford
041 During the roll call required by Rule N031, players must answer “wrong” instead of “present” when announcing their presence. Rief
042 Dallin shall be named “Alaska”, for funnzies. Langford
043 If a player utters the b*tch phrase after a vote they didn’t vote in, they lose one point. Rief
044 No rule respecting how many times you can say the "b*tches be crazy" thing may be enacted. Eden
045 Steve loses three points. (One-time rule) Eden
046 Hahu Freayth