Minister of Defence (Frondesia)

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Minister of Defence
Ministry of Defence
StyleMr. Defence Minister
Member ofCabinet
Reports toSecurity Council
NominatorPrime Minister
Term lengthNo Fixed Term
Formation25 August 2023
Unofficial namesDefence Minister

The Minister of Defence, sometimes referred to as the Defence Minister, is the Frondesian government minister with overall executive responsibility for the Ministry of Defence, also having some oversight over the Armed Forces of Frondesia. As a senior minister they attend Cabinet.

The office is currently vacant.


The Defence ministership was established on 25 August 2023 and is the oldest governmental Defence position besides the president's role as commander-in-chief.


The Defence minister is appointed by the President of Frondesia on the nomination of the Prime Minister. However, due to the president's role as commander-in-chief they can appoint any candidate they think would be best for the role, overruling the prime minister's nomination.

The appointee is typically a senior officer, normally a Brigadier General (or equivalent) or above, in the Armed Forces of Frondesia or someone who has military experience.


The defence minister's remit includes:

  • Strategic military and defence operations,
  • Sitting as a member of the Security Council,
  • Oversight of defence intelligence services,
  • Relations with defence partners,
  • Defence policy, resources and planning,
  • Communications on defence,

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