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The Micronational Chess League, commonly referred to as the MCL, was founded on 28 January 2019 by the Empire of Barbettia. The purpose of the MCL is to unite micronational chess players and to unite micronations of all kinds to play chess with one another. The MCL organizes its own tournaments, maintains its own individual rating system (based off the Elo rating system), and facilitates casual and official games between individuals. All MCL games are played on chess.com. There are currently 9 members.

Rating System

The MCL has a rating system based off of the Elo rating system. The formula is this:

A= Player Rating Before Game
B= Opponent Rating Before Game
K= K Factor (200 before a player has both played 10 games and lost 3 games. 30 after a player has both played 10 games and lost 3 games.)
S= Score (0 for a loss, 0.5 for a draw, and 1 for a win)
R= New Rating
Ratings begin at 1000. The MCL maintains an absolute rating floor of 100 for all ratings. Thus, no member can have a rating below 100, no matter their performance in MCL events and games.


Micronation Name Member Since Chess.com Username Rating MCL Games Played
Empire of Barbettia Kevin Barry 28 January 2019 Ryzager 1000 1
James Turbett GSSD 1100 2
Michael Turbett Cholichee unrated 0
Autonomous Protectorate Community of Cristo John Watson 29 January 2019 SparklyDad unrated 0
Royal Republic of Ladonia Matthew Salzer 31 January 2019 kantowrestler unrated 0
Kingdom of 10Town Marco soli99 unrated 0
Kingdom of Ourania Stan Vaughan stanvaughan unrated 0
The Grasstopian Second Kingdom Tyson Quinn 1 February 2019 Grasstopia unrated 0
Principality of New Eiffel Zed 7 February 2019 Z_Luna_Skye unrated 0
Royal Republic of Ladonia Jennifer McDonald 15 February 2019 DuchessJen unrated 0
Confederate States of America Haggan Alcock 21 February 2019 CSA_Chess 900 1
Grand Republic of Cycoldia Christina I 13 June 2019 Chnowell unrated 0

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All Games

Date Event White Black Result White Rating After Game Black Rating After Game
29 January 2019 Friendly Kevin Barry James Turbett Draw 1000 1000
21 February 2019 Friendly Haggan James Turbett White: Loss, Black: Win 900 1100

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