Kingdom of 10Town

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Kingdom of 10Town

Location: Minecraft Server
Short name10Town
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- Founding FatherRedfox1096
- Founding FatherImbarlato87
- Founding FatherIlay
LegislatureGrand Council
The current status of this micronation is Unknown.


10Town was the name of a micronation created by a group of friends on a Minecraft server. The number 10 recalls the sound of "teen", as the participants are "teenagers". The number 10 also represents an ambition of the micronation: to own 10 colonies scattered throughout the galaxy. "Town", represents that the Kingdom possesses not only territories, but entire well-structured cities.


10Town was formed under rather unusual circumstances. One of the founders began to daydream after refusing to do his homework. He thought about designing an aerostatic balloon powered by helium to travel the skies, about graphic animations made with Blender, and thousands of other ideas. He realized that he could do all these things, and that all he had to do was find inspiration, people and time to accomplish them. A simple community was not enough, he needed a real micronation with its own rules, government and citizens to help commission these projects for everyone. He made calls to his best friends and told them about his ideas. His friends agreed to help and a few days later, the three friends became the three Founding Fathers of a new micronation: the Kingdom of 10Town.

Government and politics

The Kingdom of 10Town currently has a Constitution that details all aspects of government and relations between the government and citizens. The most important body is the Grand Council formed by the 3 Founding Fathers (Redfox1096, Imbarlato087, Ilay) which holds legislative, executive and judicial powers.

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