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This page categorizes all humourous/strange articles.

Unusual Names

Article Explanation
Horatio Eden An uncommon name. He also has a very long title.
Eshaan I An extremely long title

Unusual Micronations

Article Explanation
Republic of Kekistan The name explains it all.
Central Minecraft Region 1 Word. Minecraft.
The Monarchical Democracy of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Um...
Halfasinteresting-stania A nation which existed for 4.12 seconds. Also made by someone with 4 million Youtube subscribers.
Nation of Potatoes "The president is a fat man that loves potato chips. That's like the only thing he eats, like no joke. It's the bland flavour too."
The Republic of Crazy Frog A nation full of crazy frog addicts
Republic of Nut A state which declared independence in 1969 from a Planters factory and has the motto "The nut lives on"
Great Union of the Eastern Noyan Territories including a Sink a Toliet an Amazon box and a photo of Chris Evans' Ass for which is founded on 24 January 2020 by His Most Honourable Majesty Our Most Gracious Lord King Viscous the Biscuit unlawfully declaring indepedence from the Fifth Aenderian Republic and the Dominion of Canada on about 12 am Eastern Standard Time for which he most certainly did on 24 January 2020 did he luigi? A really big name.

Unusual sports

Article Explanation
Calvinball The national sport of Excelsior, this sport was invented by cartoonist Bill Waterson.

Unusual religions

Article Explanation
Jack Allahbarism You have to see it to believe it.
Shrekism Yes, it is a religion based on Shrek.
Bobism Religion based on a dead fish.

Unusual wars