Cider corruption

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Cider corruption is a term that was coined by the Storm Party to insinuate major Liberal-Moderate Party figures, primarily Emperor Adam I and Lord Helliker, in purported corruption during Storm's ultimately successful 2018 national election campaign. The claims were originated by Dank Party leader Lady Hermione Peace and then-independent (later Storm) delegate Sir Asher Bond in a more jocular sense, but were quickly picked up by Storm leader Juliano Saunders during the October 2018 election campaign. Most users of the term used it to imply that the Emperor and other Lib-Mod figures were involved in embezzlement, taking public money out of the Imperial Treasury to buy cider, a noted favourite drink of the Emperor's, as well as various biscuits. No evidence for these claims has ever been put forward, with all the official Treasury accounts showing no indication of embezzlement. Some politicians, such as Billy Thompson of the Red Green Alliance, would later put forward the more extreme claim that all of the Emperor's own personal money should be used for the public good, and that the Emperor spending any of his own money on cider or biscuits was an act of corruption.

Cider corruption and related ideas fell out of favour towards the end of 2019, after the Storm Party lost the general election, and the Emperor put out a personal statement in December expressing personal hurt that had been caused by some tangentially related Storm claims.

The concept was later parodied in Adammic Online Broadcasting's 2021 April Fools video, in which it was claimed that a BBC Panorama-style investigation had found proof of cider corruption in the 2017-18 Lib-Mod government.[1]