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Earldom of Mareborg

Federal Status: Fief
Capital: Mareborg
Largest Cities: Mareborg, Wardborg, Oyserfelt

Local Leadership Title: Prince-Infant
Current leader: Ingvar of Mareborg

Local language: Aysellantean
Local Religion: Universal Christian Church

Earldom of Mareborg is an administrative unit - fief of Princedom of Aysellant . Traditionally, it is ruled by Prince-Infant . Earldom consists of Mareborg , Wardborg , Oyserfelt and Ingvarholm bailliages and baronies . Wardborg and Oyserfelt bailliages also have the status of baronies . The administrative center of the earldom - Mareborg . The largest towns - Wardborg , Oyserfelt , Ingvarholm . In Mareborg a Drama Theatre, the Church of St. Tatiana . There is also a station with points of border and customs control. Further south of Mareborg under development and mining . Inside bailliage power plant is located .

Princedom of Aysellant