State University of Aysellant

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State University of Aysellant (native name-Ąysellantæ Štąttant Universitæt, latin name-Universitas Principatus Aysellantorum) was established pursuant to Ordinance № 004-12 of 10 February 2012 of H.S.H. Prince of Aysellant.

In accordance with the Ordinance University has the status of a self-governing state higher educational establishment of the Principality of Aysellant, which operates on the basis of the legislation of the Principality Aysellant and its charter.

Features of its legal status determined under the Regulations for the State University № 001-2/12-КП of 10 February 2012.

According to this Regulation it’s the leading classical university of Princedom of Aysellant. State educational institution of higher education, "Princedom of Aysellant State University" – is a unique research and education center

The University is a public educational institution of higher education operating in the field of higher education, postgraduate, professional and additional pre-university education in a wide range of natural sciences and the humanities fields of knowledge.

The University is a legal entity with personal accounts opened in the organs of the State Treasury, as well as foreign currency accounts with credit institutions that are open in accordance with the laws of the Principality of Aysellant. It has separate property, may on its own behalf, acquire property and personal non-property rights, incur obligations, sue and be sued. The University has the seal and the national emblem of the Principality Aysellant and its full name, may have other seals and stamps.

It is composed of structural units of unincorporated.

To date, the University consists of the following departments and specialty.

Classical Faculty: Philosophy, History, Art Studies, Psychology;

Faculty of International Relations: Diplomatic relations, International law, International economics;

Faculty of Natural Sciences: Chemistry, Physics, Biology;

Faculty of Engineering: Computer Technology, Innovative Food Technologies.

The Institute of conscious personal development and Language Center also included in the University.

Princedom of Aysellant