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Domain Earldom of Ayselbork

Federal Status: Domain
Capital: Ayselbork
Largest Cities: Ayselbork, Vartegart, Negotin

Local Leadership Title: Count-Palatine
Local Government:
Current leader: Heinrich (Henri) d'Aurgie

Local language: Aysellantean
Local Religion: Universal Christian Church

Earldom-Domain Ayselbork is an administrative unit of the Princedom of Aysellant, located in the central part of the Princedom, and includes the counties of Ayselbork, Domain-Bailliage, bailliage of Vartegart with the status of the county, bailliage of Negotin with the status of the county, as well as the Order's bailliage and bailliages of Seebork and Fessenfelt and with the status of baronies . Administrative center - Ayselbork. Suburban residence of the prince - Princeps-Haut. The largest population centers - cities Ayselbork, Vartegart, Seebork, Negotin, Fessenfelt.

Ayselbork is the capital of the Princedom. Its territory is Prince's Palace, Building of the Government and other objects of cultural and social purposes. In Ayselbork is an international airport, stations with points of border and customs control. There is stationed Military Academy of the Armed Forces, The State University, State Library and State Museum.

Vartegart - closed for tourism town . Negotin located in the northern part of the Domain. The suburb is receiving and transmitting communication station. The area of Seebork is located power plant and are mined minerals. Fessenfelt is strategically area. There is stationed School junior officers of the Army. In the vicinity of Fessenfelt being produced gas and other minerals. Inside of bailliage communication station is located . Princeps-Haut . Residence of the Princely family. Closed to the public . The residence is the Museum of the Princely House.

Princedom of Aysellant