Earldom of Angelforss

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Earldom of Angelforss

Federal Status: Fief
Capital: Angelforss
Largest Cities: Angelforss, Kastelmork

Local Leadership Title: Earl
Current leader: Daria of Angelforss

Local language: Aysellantean
Local Religion: Universal Christian Church

Earldom of Angelforss is an administrative unit - fief of Princedom of Aysellant. Located in the center of the southern part of the Princedom. The administrative center of the earldom - Angelforss . The earldom consists of Angelforss , Kastelmork and Steffenvart bailliages. The largest towns - Angelforss and Kastelmork. The school is located in Angelforss that trains officers for the Department of the Interior and the Corps of Gendarmes . In Angelforss placed railway and bus stations, and points of Customs and Border Control . There also the Palace of Fine Arts and Hotel. On the territory of the earldom, near the town of Angelforss and Kastelmork posted two-way communication stations and power plants.

Princedom of Aysellant