Micronational Association for Finance and Economics

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Micronational Association for Finance and Economics
Micronational Economic organisation

Headquarters Hiddleston and Alonia
Skype room

Official language English

Membership 10 members of the Collaborative Assembly

Chairman Nicholas Kaos

– Foundation 12 May 2017
– Charter ratified 3 June 2017

The Micronational Association for Finance and Economics, more commonly referred to as the MAFE, is a micronational community association with the goal of developing, researching and studying micronational economics and promoting the development of micronational economies and an intermicronational economy incorporating interaction between economies. Founded on 12 May 2017, the organisation states in its charter that it intends to be the sucessor to previous economic projects and institutions (such as the Micronational Dollar or the Micronational Economic Group).

The Group was founded on 12 May 2017 by Mark S. Kavanah, who wanted to create a unified organisation to end the stream of short-lived micronational organisations (YAMOs) that had marked the development of micronational economics. The organisation was also distinguished by its deliberate lack of formality and disdain for individual ambition. Following a lukewarm response from the MicroWiki community, with newer members generally responding more positively than older ones, the association drafted a charter during May, which was signed on 3 June 2017, electing Mark S. Kavanah as its Chairman.

The current Chair of the Micronational Association for Finance and Economics is Nick Kaos.


Collaborative Assembly

Office of the Chair

The Office of the Chair of the MAFE is a group chat that contains the Chair and the two Deputy Chairs

Subcommittees and organisations


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