Lavian Secession Crisis

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Lavian Secession Crisis
Map of the conflict as of 10 March 2022
Lavallette in red, Ausverian territory in blue
Date10 March 2022 - Present
Result Ongoing
Veterans Park War begins
Ozark Crisis begins
 Ocean States
Commanders and leaders
Jon V.
Anthony A.
Units involved
Ausverian Revolutionary Guard
Ausverian Kriegsmarine

The Lavian Seccession Crisis is an ongoing conflict between the Ausverian Volksrepublik and the Federal Republic of Lavallette that began on 10 March 2022. Lavallette issued a declaration of independence stating intent to secede from Ausveria due to multiple grievances held against the government of Ausveria.[1]


The Federal Republic of Lavallette declared independence on 10 March 2022 from the Ausverian Volksrepublik shortly after the Ausverian annexation of the now defunct territories of Todt Hill. Ausverian allies such as the Federal Republic of Ocean States, and the Republic of Ethosia were quick to support the war effort, as Ocean States issued an official declaration of war against Lavallette on the 10 March, and Ethosia pledging military support for Ausveria should they be invaded.

Ozark Crisis

On 11 March 2022, Ausverian ally, Ethosia, and potential Lavallette ally, Cimbrun, engaged in an intermicronational crisis which started when the Hellenistic Empire of Cimbrun publicly chose to support the rebels, after Ethosia had already backed Ausveria. This was contentious as both micronations resided in the same region, and were fairly close geographically. It would later explode into an all-out conflict, to be continued by the Irikladian League. The Cimbrunese would later prove victorious, with Alexandros I Irikladis of Cimbrun claiming the nominal title of "King of the Ethosians" but recanting it the next day in return for land.

Recent Developments

Since March little has occurred with the crisis turning into an uneasy cold conflict. On April 25, 2022 the Ausverian government hired a Private Military Company known as Bureaucratic Conclusions.

Photo released of Lavian Militants

Diplomatic Response

  •  Cimbrun - Cimbrun released a statement through twitter on the 11th of March, stating that "Cimbrun supports Lavallette against those who cause trouble"
  •  Ethosia - President Gabriel Sebastian announced full support for Ausveria. The Ethosian government also sent demands to Cimbrun demanding they remain neutral and not aid or support the Lavian separatists.
  •  Lake Ronkonkoma Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma - After reaching a ceasefire in the Long Island War Sean Mankowich stated "The Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma would like to formally declare it's formal support of the pacification of degenerate, heretical, and recidivist elements in Ausveria and that the Dictat will give full diplomatic and military support to Ausveria against the Islamists attempting to spread a violent religion within the rightful Ausverian territory of Neu Memelland."
  •  Malus - Following deteriorating relations with the Ausverian Volksrepublik, the president released a statement to the Microwiki Discord and ALIM Discord, stating in part that, "regardless of whether or not the territory claimed by Lavallette “belongs” to Ausveria, the people of Lavallette deserve to be heard."[2] This document, published two months after the start of the crisis, put Malus in the camp of Lavallette.

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