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Konraq is a name of a region in Hasanistan, Today its known as Beglik of Konraq-Kazakhizia the smallest beglik in Hasanistan and an autonomous area within the capital city, Iskenderabat. The territory was annexed by Hasanistan following the ratification Treaty of Iskenderabat on 2016. Before that, It was part of Viadalvia, the First Republic of Konraq, Derskovia the Second Republic of Konraq and Dachenia


The name Konraq, is inspired by a former ruler of the Kazakh Khanate, Koirijaq Oglun.[1]



Prior to its creation, the territory had been split between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan since 1924. In mid-2013, with the permission of the separatist Hasani government, Viadalvia laid claim to an area bordering Hasanistan. The small region, that bordered Hasanistan's capital Batyr, was declared an autonomous territory and officially named the "Viadalvian Republic of Hasanistan", with Ino De Wacht being selected as its viceroy. The Viadalvian Republic of Hasanistan was later reformed into a Federal territory the Viadalvian Republic of Konraq following queries by the Hasani government over the inclusion of the word "Hasanistan" in its former name. On November 14, 2013, Ino De Wacht was overthrown by democratic revolutionaries following corruption, fraud and being a despot. The Hasani government officially remained neutral on the regime change and continued to hold a cordial relationship with Konraq. In 2014, Konraq seceded from Viadalvia as part of Operation 888

First Republic

Derskovian invasion of Konraq
Part of Operation 888
Date Febuary 17th, 2014
Location Konraq
Result Derskovian victory
Konraq occupied by Derskovia
Derskov Flag.png Derskovia Flag of First Konraqi Republic.png Konraq
Derskov Flag.png Shady Morsi
Derskov Flag.png Frido van Houten
Flag of First Konraqi Republic.png Abdul Faisal
22 3

Konraq declared independence form Viadalvia and the First Republic was proclaimed by Abdul Faisal, The regime was very hostile towards Hasanistan (despite Hasanistan never knew about the state) and other claimants of it, The primary source of law is the Islamic Sharia derived from the teachings of the Qur'an and the Sunnah (the traditions of the Prophet). On Febuary 17th, In order to prevent that Konraq would be annexed by Hasanistan. Derskovia invaded the Republic

Derskovian Occupation

After the invasion, A treaty was signed between Derskovia and Konraq. Konraq will become autonomous but it must remove its sharia law, Faisal agreed and stayed president of the Republic of Derskovian Hasanistan The Republic was a founding member of the GMA and had its affairs with countries outside of Derskovia. Upon formation of Derskov-Viadalvia Derskovia became an integral part of Derskvoia and its autonomy was removed

Second Republic