Derskovian Hasanistan

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Autonomous Republic of Hasanistan


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Location of Konraq
Official language(s)Viadalvian, Dutch
GovernmentAutonomous republic

The Autonomous Republic of Hasanistan (Derskovian): Аутомоумоус Републиц оф Часанистан known as Derskovian Hasanistan, (Derskov:Дерсковиан Часанистан) was an autonomous republic of Derskovia, encompassing Konraq, it was formed after the First Konraqi Republic annexed by Derskovia in 2014. A treaty was signed between Derskovia and Konraq. Konraq will become autonomous but it must remove its sharia law, Faisal agreed and stayed president of AR Hasanistan The Republic was a founding member of the GMA and had its affairs with countries outside of Derskovia. (for example AR Hasanistan recognized Crimea as part of Ukraine. While Derskovia supported Russia) Upon formation of Derskov-Viadalvia Derskovia became an integral part of Derskvoia and its autonomy was removed. After the collapse of Derskov-Viadalvia. Shady Morsi formed the Second Konraqi Republic

Historical affiliations
Flag of Kazakh Khanate.png Kazakh Khanate - 1456-1847

Flag of the Russian Empire.png Russian Empire 1847-1921
Flag of the Soviet Union.png Soviet Union 1921-1991
Flag of Kazakhstan.png/Flag of Kyrgyzstan.png Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan 1991-2013

Micronational affiliations
Flag of Viadalvian Hasanistan.png Viadalvia Apr 2013 - 7 Jan 2014
Flag of First Konraqi Republic.png First Republic 7 Jan - 17 Feb 2014
Derskovian hasanistan.png Derskovia 17 Feb - June 2014
Flag of Second Konraqi Republic.png Second Republic June-Sep 2014
Flag of Dachenian Hasanistan.png Dachenian Hasanistan Sep 2014-Sep 2016
Flag of Hasanistan.png Hasani Konraq September 2016-August 2018
Flag of Konraq.png Konraq Khanate 2 August 2018- Present


The constitution was semi-presidential. but the Assembly as dissolved by president Faisal very soon. Structurally and officially, no parties existed durring the Derskov rule.

Foreign affairs

the Autonomous Republic of Hasanistan was one of the founders of the Grand Micronational Alliance, Along with Derskovia and serveral others, the Autonomous Republic of Hasanistan had relations with Shalamzaar, Leylandiistan, Viadalvia, Dolmenia and many more, Altough Derskovian Hasanistan was allowed to have informal diplomatic relations. , AR Hasanistan was not allowed to sign treaties or declare war on foreign countries

The representative of the Autonomous Republic of Hasanistan was appointed by the President of Derskovia


Dutch minorty in Derskovia

One traditional festivity in Derskovia is the feast of Sint Nicolaas or Sinterklaas. It is celebrated on the evening before Sinterklaas' birthday on December 5, especially in families with little children. In the United States the original figure of Dutch Sinterklaas has merged with Father Christmas into Santa Claus. In Derskovia and the Netherlands, gift-bringing at Christmas has in recent decades gained some popularity too, but Sinterklaas is much more popular.

A wide spread tradition is that of serving beschuit met muisjes when people come to visit a new-born baby and his mother. Beschuit is a typical Dutch type of biscuit, muisjes are sugared anise seeds.

Another traditional feast of Derskovia is Freedom Day. This is celebrated in honour of the State's birthday.

Derskovian Culture

Most Derskovian citizens rejecting Dutch culture,Derskovia has slowly developed a unique cultural identity.Derskovian culture is considered as a European Isolate culture.However Derskovian see the Derskovian Culture as Slavic. Derskovian culture has developing during the existence of a Derskovian state. It was essentially developed from the cultural traits which where developed unintentionally during the history of the Derskovian state, as well as the cultural traits of citizens.Derskovian has two conlangs, Upper Derskovian and Lower Derskovian. Upper Derskovian is the main conlang, used for cultural purposes in the nation. Lower Derskovian was used a lot historically in Derskovia, but is now almost extinct.