Derskovian Invasion of Konraq

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Derskovian invasion of Konraq
DateFebuary 17th, 2014
The Netherlands
Result Derskovian victory
Konraq occupied by Derskovia
Derskov Flag.png Derskovia Flag of First Konraqi Republic.png Konraq
Commanders and leaders
Derskov Flag.png Shady Morsi
Derskov Flag.png Frido van Houten
Flag of First Konraqi Republic.png Abdul Faisal
22 3
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Derskovian Invasion of Konraq (also known as the 27 Minutes War) was a short war between Derskovia and Konraq


Derskovian troops invaded the embassy of Konraq in the Netherlands While the troops are in the embassy, most of the "Army of the Mumin" surrendered to the Derskvoians . However, Faisal tries to assault a Derskovian soldier with a wooden stick, resulting in one Derskovian shooting a nerf bullet in Faisal's eye,


After the invasion, A treaty was signed between Derskovia and Konraq. Konraq will become autonomous but it must remove its sharia law, Faisal agreed and stayed president of the Republic of Derskovian Hasanistan The Republic was a founding member of the GMA and had its affairs with countries outside of Derskovia. Upon formation of Derskov-Viadalvia Derskovia became an integral part of Derskvoia and its autonomy was removed