Bokyist Reaction

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Bokyist Reaction
Bboky letter.png
Mohammad Boky's letter to Kan Habdaminah
Date23-24 May 2020
Konraq (Cyberspace, Discord, Whatsapp and Messager)

Bokyist victory

  • Kan Habdaminah goes in exile
  • Mohammad Boky proclaimed as new Kan

Flag of Konraq.png/Fadl.png Konraq under Mohammad Boky

  • Balal
  • Milliytiklanish
  • Ulema Council

Standard of the Mayor-President of Konraq.png Konraqi Monarchy

  • Royal Guard
Commanders and leaders
Fadl.png Mohammed Boky
Fadl.png Abdul Faisal
Flag of Konraq.png Habdaminah
Flag of Konraq.png Yno de Wacht
22 8

The Bokyist Reaction began on May 23rd 2020, with a coup d'état against Kan Habdaminah by regent Boky Mohammad of the Konraq Khanate, A majority of the insurgents were the conservative population They prevailed and made Boky Mohammad the new Kan of Konraq

The reaction

The overthrow of the monarchy was started by regent Mohammad Boky who was appointed by Habdaminah to regin while the Kan was absent , Bokyists derived their support primarily from the conservative and muslim people and the fact that the Kan was absent in Konraq for many times . Most of the Bokyists deposed the queen were ulema and conservative citizens,, the reaction was also intented on day of eid-al-fitr They included former Balal legislators, government officers, and armed forces members

The events began on May 23 when Habdaminah asked Boky to regisn as regent, Boky responded in a letter that the Konraqi people arent listing to a western puppet king initiated the overthrow by organizing approximately 22 of the 34 citizens proclaimed loyality to Boky,

As these events were unfolding, the Monarchy of Konraq expressed concern for the safety and preventation of a armed coup

On the next day, the Boky addressed a crowd assembled in whatsapp and read aloud a proclamation that formally deposed Kan Habdaminah, Habdaminah proclaimed a government in exile in the Netherlands