Katrina Walters

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Katrina Walters AM, LSC
Prime Minister of Erusia
Assumed office:
July 5, 2010
President Carwyn Jenkins
Deputy Vacant
Opposition Leader Robert Lethler
Predecessor Office established
Kai Roosevelt (de facto as President)
James Marshall (de jure as Premier)
Leader of the Democratic Party
Assumed office:
June 17, 2010
Deputy Hannah Thacher
Predecessor Itakur Kiwal
Assembly Member for Sanctia Central
Assumed office:
July 3, 2010
Predecessor New constituency
Seat Sanctia Central (7 electoral votes)
Personal information
Political party Democratic Party
Religion Christian

Katrina Walters is an Erusian democratic politician and former journalist who has served as Prime Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia since July 5th 2010, and as the leader of the Democratic Party of Erusia since June 17th 2010. Entering office after leading her party to its first-ever election victory at the July 2010 general election, Walters is not only the first leader of Erusia to not belong to the Erusian National Communist Party or its successor the National Unity Party, but the first to lead Erusia in the office of Prime Minister. She holds the distinction of being the first Erusian leader to have pursued another micronational career before her political one, and she is the second woman to lead the nation after Kai Roosevelt, who is regarded as her immediate predecessor. Walters has represented the constituency of Sanctia Central in the National People's Assembly of Erusia since July 2010.


Early career

Katrina Walters become a naturalised Erusian citizen in January 2010, more than a year after the Democratic People's Republic was founded, having been recruited to the nation by Reginald Biden. She worked simultaneous as a journalist for both Erusia Central News and the Sacria Post during her first few months in the nation, working as one of the four hosts of the live Election Night special for the April 2010 Erusian General Election. In early February 2010 Walters joined the Democratic Party of Erusia in support of its radical pro-democracy reform agenda at the urging of fellow ECN journalist and future parliamentary colleague Keith Collins and quickly became actively involved in the party. In the aftermath of the DPE's diastrous performance in the April elections, Walters vowed to work to ensure that at the next election the Party would perform better.

Democratic campaigner and candidate

In the aftermath of her party's election defeat, Walters was chosen to serve as a special election campaign and policy advisor to then-leader Itakur Kiwal, who quickly realised her political potential. She assisted Kiwal in moving the party away from its centre-left roots towards the modern liberal conservative ideology it appears to adhere to now, having a major impact on the development of the DPE and helping to introduce the kinds of policies that are now thought to have contributed massively to its future electoral success. In May 2010, she was added to the party's candidate short-list for the next general election, at this time still anticipated to be held in October 2010. Throughout this time in opposition as a special advisor, Walters worked to build up the image of the DPE in traditional Communist areas like New Kalin and Erus City, hoping to construct a strong foundation for a future election campaign.

Leader of the Opposition and July 2010 landslide victory

When the incumbent Communist government announced that it was holding an early general election at the beginning of July 2010, Democratic leader Itakur Kiwal announced suddenly and unexpectedly that it was his intention to resign so that the party could find a more youthful leader to take them into the election, at a time when polls showed them ahead of the Communists for the first time in history. Walters immediately stepped into the fray and after a brief campaign and voting period, was elected to lead the Party on June 17th by a clear majority, subsequently becoming the nominal Leader of the Opposition (though she never exercised any of this office's responsibilities because the Assembly had all ready adjourned at this point). Walters went on to lead her party into the July 2010 general election, campaigning non-stop throughout the allocated campaign period and even up until the final moments before polling closed on the final day of voting. Under her leadership, the Democratic Party went on to win a landslide victory at the polls in July. The Democrats gained 11 seats - giving them a parliamentary party the size of that of the Communists at dissolution - and an overall majority of six.

Prime Ministry

Walters was sworn in as Prime MInister of Erusia on July 5th 2010, at the State opening of the National People's Assembly.