National Unity Party (Erusia)

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National Unity Party
Leader Robert Lethler (Acting)
Deputy Leader Julian Pieterson (Acting)
Chairman Vacant
Founded June 24, 2010
November 9, 2008 (ENCP)
Headquarters Erus City
Newspaper Party Bulletin
Membership  (2010) 26
Ideology Socialism
Erusian nationalism
National affiliation United Erusia
International affiliation Intermicronational Socialist Alliance
Official colours Red, Gold

The National Unity Party, sometimes known colloquially as the Communist Party, was a major left-wing Erusian "puppet" political party used by Robert Lethler as part of the so-called "Lethler Experiment".

It was formed on June 24th 2010 following a merger between the Erusian National Communist Party - which had governed that micronation since November 2008, again as part of the experiment - and her minor coalition partner the Party of Socialist Labour, another "puppet" of the Experiment.