Party of Socialist Labour (Erusia)

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Party of Socialist Labour
General SecretaryJulian Pieterson
FoundedDecember 12, 2009
Membership (2010)6
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
National affiliationENCP, PRP
Not to be confused with the Democratic Party of Erusia, which shares the acronymn VET in Erusian.

The Party of Socialist Labour (PSL), also known as the Labour Party or simply as Labour, is the third largest political party in the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia and one of two close electoral allies of the Erusian National Communist Party. It is the most successful of Erusia's three so-called 'minor parties', holding two seats in the National People's Assembly and control over the local government of Sanctia, the only party to win control of an Administrative District in the January 2010 General Election. Unlike the other political parties in the DPRE, it has no specific political agenda, instead standing on a platform to represent the interests of Erusia's Trade Unions. Prior to the legalisation of minor parties, Labour stood under the banner of the National Syndicate of State Workers. Today it's membership is drawn from prominent members in the NSSW, the Union of Media Workers and Journalists and the National Union of Liberation Army Personnel.

The vast majority of the PSL's support comes in reality from members of the moderate and liberal wings of the Communist Party, who traditionally vote for Labour candidates as their second or subsequent preferences in an election. Traditionally it's leadership has sided with whichever faction appears to be leading the way on government policy, and the PSL has never publicly gone against the ENCP. It is generally believed that the governments of Kenneth Maisano and Carwyn Jenkins have used the Labour Party as a sounding board and consultation service for new policies, especially those of a socio-economic nature, and it is known that Robert Lethler has strong connections to leading Labour officials. The Labour Party was the first political party in Erusian historian, other than the Communist Party, to have one of it's members serve in the cabinet - to this date, the position of Commissioner for Labour is usually reserved for the leader of the PSL.