Erusia Central News

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Erusia Central News
Format Online
Type News Website
Owner and Editor Central People's Government
Founded August 24, 2009
Political Allegiance Officially neutral
Pro-Communist Party
Language(s) English
Published on Wordpress (link)
Distributed In Erusia, internationally
Director-General Reginald Biden

Erusia Central News (ECN) was the largest national news agency in the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia, a State Owned Enterprise and media outlet of the Central People's Government that was geared chiefly towards the intermicronational community rather than Erusian citizens. It was the only news agency in the DPRE that reports to the outside world, with most citizens receiving their news through domestic services rather than ECN, though it has attracted increasing traffic from within the Democratic People's Republic in recent times. Since January 2010, it was the only news provider in Erusia that provided full live coverage of general elections.

Though it claimed to be entirely neutral and independent, ECN was largely seen as an outlet for the Erusian National Communist Party to promote its politics and its political agenda, though closer to its closure the ECN was allowed to report more freely thanks to the reforms of Kai Roosevelt. It remained subject to extensive censorship laws and policies imposed unilaterally by the Central People's Government, though these too were relaxed significantly. The high level of State intervention in ECN gave it something of a mixed reputation internationally, though it remained an important and respected source of information on the internal affairs of the DPRE, which were otherwise largely shrouded in mystery.

Despite mixed feelings on the validity and quality of its journalism, Erusia Central News apparently proved itself extremely popular within the MicroWiki Community, reportedly attracting an average of 200 to 250 views per week. It was generally agreed that ECN's major rival is The St.Charlian Observer, which is widely regarded as being superior with regards to press freedom and - arguably as a consequence - quality of journalism. On the other hand, ECN updated far more frequently than the Observer, giving it a unique edge over its major competitor. Nonetheless, the two news agencies did not seek to aggressively or directly compete with one another, and promote each other's services on their respective websites.

At the end of March 2010, ECN had published over 200 unique news stories. A further 113 were reportedly either rejected by censorship authorities or turned down by the editorial team since 2009 - all of these news stories are still kept in ECN's own archives.

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