Itakur Kiwal

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Itakur Achala Kiwal
Name Itakur Achala Kiwal
Micronation(s) Served Erusia, USMR, Licentia, Bzan
Nationality Erusian
Office(s) State Representative of the USMR
Political Party People's Democratic Front (2008-2009)

Erusian Democratic Workers' Alliance (2009–present)

This person is a professional micronational diplomat or ambassador.

Itakur Achala Kiwal is an Erusian politician and a leading Diplomat in the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics. Having some five to six years of experience in resolving conflict and disputes between hostile parties, Kiwal has served in the diplomatic corps of four micronational States to date, beginning in the Kingdom of Licentia. Kiwal began his modern micronational career as a member of the People's Democratic Front, having become a member of the Erusian Democratic Workers' Alliance after the PDF was outlawed and merged with the Social Liberty Party to join the EDWA. He is the only independent political figure in the senior USMR government and a prominent critic of Robert Lethler, although it is worth noting he remains a close friend of USMR President P. J. Gaffney.

On April 2 2009, it was reported that the All-Union Agency for State Security and Revolutionary Advancement had called Kiwal in for private questioning regarding an unspecified but "extremely sensitive matter of national security". According to USMR State Media, the incident is part of a wider investigation.