State Security Agency (USMR)

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State Security Agency (SSA)
Leohju Ragala Ital (LRI)
Zovheoq Fevuyhez Xesn (ZFX)
Motto: Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
Founded: Uncertain
Previous conflicts: Licentian Civil War
Current conflicts: None
Command Authority: Central Intelligence Bureau
Executive Secretary: Unknown
Active Personnel: Classified

The All-Union Agency for State Security and Revolutionary Advancement, more commonly known as the State Security Agency (SSA) and typically identified by the Erusian acronymn LRI within the USMR, is the name of a government agency within the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics that acts as the chief intelligence service of the Union. The LRI is renowned within the Union for it's strict organisational structure and an extremely effective internal record keeping system, operating no fewer than five individual departments within it's hierarchy. The All-Union government tightly controls the information available about the State Security Agency in an order minimise the risk of the organisation being compromised in some way, shape or form. Although the size and operational nature of the LRI is unknown, it is believed that the Agency closely monitors all activity within the USMR.

Originally established at an unknown date as an organ of the Ministry for Revolutionary Security, the LRI was given it's own special superior authority - the Central Intelligence Bureau (CIB; originally the Central Intelligence Commission) - when the Ministry merged with the Ministry of Justice on March 12 2009. The CIB is appointed by the National Revolutionary Committee and directs the general work of the SSA, although it is worth noting that the CIB does not interfere in the execution of intelligence and security operations without Politburo authorisation. According to limited information released by the central government, the SSA is divided into three major departments and at least five smaller ones. The names of the three leading departments are Department 1-A (SSA-D1A), Special Directorate (SSA-SD) and the Republican Guard (SSA-RG) - the purpose of each department remains a mystery.

Opponents of Communist rule in the USMR have criticised the LRI as being one of very few examples of a micronational Secret State Police. The LRI has previously launched a number of large-scale investigations to resolve potential counter-revolutionary threats and to investigate allegations of subversion of the CPUSMR's Party Line, although the latter has never been proven categorically. Similarly, the LRI has absolutely no judicial authority - it's powers extend solely to addressing matters of national security and bringing those found guilty of serious crimes against the State or People to the Supreme People's Court for trial. The exact duties of the SSA beyond this role are unknown.

On April 15 2009, the government of the USMR announced that it was "drastically increasing funding to the State Security Agency". In keeping with USMR laws for the protection of sensitive information, the details of this spending are classified and will not be disclosed.