Izkar Confederacy

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See Izkaria Krai for the Cheslovian Krai of the same name

The Izkar Confederacy (Cheslovian) Изкар Конвед
29 December 2008 - 31 January 2009 Izkarflag.png


Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Motto: Freedom or Death
National anthem: Kalinka (Red Army Choir)
Capital Zoltan
Official languages English, Izkargom, Cheslovian
Denonym Izkarian, Izkar
Government Democratic Confederacy
Leaders Chairman: Vytautas Korok

Vice Chairman: Ikhraan Skugom

Founded 29 December 2008 (planning began 2nd December)
Defeated by Cheslovia 31 January 2009
Area 5.114 km²
Location North western Europe
Population 2 (claiming additional 15 from Cheslovia)
Currency Izkym (ϑ) (100 Uzka = 1 Izkym)

The Izkar Confederacy declared its independence from the Cheslovian Federation on the 29th December 2008 after a dispute with the Cheslovian Federal government regarding greater autonomy for certain areas earlier on 2 December. Izkaria has not yet had its independence recognised by Cheslovia or Malokaz. Baugnia had stated that it had allied itself with Cheslovia on the 3rd of January 2009.

The people of Izkaria have had their Kaznian name taken from them and replaced with Izkar names for the sake of imroving cultural assets.

Reasons for independence

See also, The Izkar War of Independence

The Izkar government wanted to have parts of Tamir Krai and Vladislavia Krai in Cheslovia to have autonomy, however the Cheslov government rejected the proposals. Since then the Izkar government has made it the duty to create a new nation and to fragment Cheslovia into tiny nations.


The government is composed of two people who cannot be voted out of power. The Chairman holds most power and is head of the Confederate Council (executive) and the Vice Chairman is head of the Confederate Assembly (legilative).


The military of Izkaria is at the moment made up of the Chairman and Vice Chairman, however, the Izkar have various people who agree with the Izkar declaration of war, and so they may be called to arms. The army is known only as the "Izkar Army".


The Cheslovian government call the Izkar Confederacy the "Izkar Independence Movement" due to it not being recognised by any political entity in Baltia. During 31 January 2009, it was defeated by the Cheslovian army in the battle of Zoltan. The Izkarian government has proclaimed that although their claimed territory has been retaken as Cheslovian claimed (but not recognised by the UK) the Izkarians will establish so-called "Izkar Holdouts" in an effort to stop their resistance movement from being fully defeated.

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